Moyo Africa Explorations Limited is a duly registered and licensed Tanzania tour and safari company formed as result of its founders long predilection for beauty provided by nature and the people of Africa.

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About Us

About Moyo Africa

We are responsive and adaptive to the needs of our customers and partners

Moyo Africa Explorations limited is duly registered and licensed Tanzanian tour and safari company formed as a result of its founders long predilection for beauty provided by nature and the people of Africa. The founders love and affection for Africa’s pristine environment and beauty of its people resulted from their long and extensive travel in Africa particularly within the Eastern and Southern Region of Africa, thus the name “Moyo Africa”, derived from Swahili language meaning “Heart for Africa’.

Modern & Beautiful

Why To Choose Moyo africa Explorations?

We provide tailor made and well organized adventurous and relaxing safaris in the Traditional and Non-Traditional tourist routes, including game viewing safaris, cultural tours, mountain climbing, trekking, cycling, boat, canoe and balloon safaris and gorilla tours. All our safaris are tailor made and organized to make them lively and the same time relaxing, and are designed in accordance with our customer’s particular interests, requirements, time and budget.

Moyo Africa believes in continuous exploration of Africa and its people, and its people, and involve In the research, development and establishment of new routes. In its exploratory aspiration, Moyo Africa has innovated and introduced three new and specialised safari routes, namely the Stanley Historical Route, the Datoga Cultural Route and the Usambara Route, special for people who have The energy and passion for exploration.

Nature offers our daily choice! We introduce our sole, attractive Non-traditional and Traditional /Convectional tourist routes that embody the natural and cultural splendour of Tanzania beyond its verge. Non-Traditional Tourist Routes involve the Datoga Cultural Route, Stanley Historical Route, Seven wonders of Africa – Tour, Seven Wonders of Africa – Photographic Safari, Honey Moon Safari and Usambara Multi-Culture safari. Convectional Tourist Routes involves Visiting many and different Parks found in Tanzania.

Moyo Africa enjoys a team qualified and experienced personnel both in the field and office work. All our guides, cooks, porters and drivers are well versed with Africa and beyond, and are multilingual. The administration of the company ensures the team is highly motivated and encouraged to work with customers in minimum supervision and group work spirit . The administration makes it possible to every worker to attend at least three in-house training sessions per season in order to develop them in their respective fields.

Explore the Beauty

Our Facilities

Moyo Africa facilities comprise of a fleet of brand new or newly refurbished 4x4 land Cruisers, Land Rovers and Nissan Patrols, specially converted and custom made for safaris, and unique camping and safari equipments and facilities. The camping sites we select are specially chosen to provide our customers with an opportunity to explore the really African wild at night without compromising their security and safety.

Our experience in Safari reveals that tourist takes no or less time in relaxing than game viewing, hence we have custom-built all our Land Cruisers and Land Rovers 4×4 safari vehicles to provide the necessary comfort and luxury vital to all our customers.

Our safari vehicles are fitted with battery chargers to enable the traveler recharge batteries for use in camera and other electronic devices and a fridge which assures that our customers enjoy freshness in their food, and obtain chilled drinks while voyaging in the African hot savannas.

Our camping facilities comprise of utmost quality tenting equipments fitted with solar power and bio-degradable flush toilets. The tents can accommodate between two to six people sleeping on modern stretcher beds, sleeping bags, mattresses and inflator pillows.

All our offices are Connected to the state of the art communication equipments linked to the vehicles through the web based vehicle tracking devices and radio communication which gives the base 24/7 control thereby ensuring our customers security and safety while on safari.