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Nyerere National Park

Nyerere National Park

Nyerere National Park was established in November 2019 from part of the Selous Game Reserve Selous game reserve is one of Africa’s largest parks, but most of it has been set aside for hunting. The animal viewing area that is open to the public is relatively small but very rewarding, with many predator sightings and superb boat safaris on the Rufiji River

The Selous Game Reserve was established in 1922 and named after Sir Frederick Courtney Selous, a famous big game hunter, British officer, conservationist, and explorer. In 1982, it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Game Reserve is the largest faunal reserves in the world, covering 50,000 km2.The Selous Game Reserve is one of the few places that can combine both land and river safaris. It’s now called Nyerere National Park

  • The game drive allows you to go off-road to have a better game view, but the off-road driving is monitored by the authorities and done in a responsible manner.
  • It the home of more over 580 bird species can be spotted in the national park.
  • The Park is best place to meet the highest concentration of Africa wild dogs left in the world.
  • Selous is often visited as a safari extension to a beach holiday on Zanzibar Island, or one of the beaches around Dar es Salaam
  • A good number concentrations of elephants ,giraffe, buffalo, black rhinoceros , zebra, wildebeest, and impala can always be spotted as well as lions, leopards, hyenas, hippos, crocodiles, are widely spotted.
  • The Game Reserve has the highest density of Lions in Africa, which tend to laze around the lakes waiting for animals coming to drink.
  • The Selous Game Reserve is one of Africa’s oldest and largest protected wildlife areas.
  • The park has relatively undisturbed ecological and biological processes as well as showcase a significant predator/prey relationships.
  • The game reserve has a great diversity of vegetation, including groundwater forests, swamps, and lowland rain forests.
  • Being a game reserve it doesn’t have the strict rules of a national park which allows the visitors to leave the roads and drive cross country which enables better access to wildlife sightings.
  • The Rufiji River is teeming with hippo and crocodile and the birdlife is fantastic.

Getting There

By scheduled or chartered flight from Dar es Salaam International Airport (DAR) or Zanzibar international airport (ZNZ). But also schedule flight from other Parks to reach the Nyerere National Park (Selous Game Reserve).
By road from Dar es Salaam to Selous Game Reserve
Most safaris to Selous are fly –in packages from Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar Island, also as a part of a bigger package from Dar es Salaam, including a visit to the Mikumi National Park, RuahaNational Park and Udzungwa National Park.

Good to Know

Visa Requirements
Visa needed for Foreigners
Languages spoken
English & Swahili
Currency used
USD or Tanzania Shillings

Best Time To Visit

There are broadly 2 seasons that can be experienced at Selous Game Reserve like all other places of Tanzania.

  • Dry season (June to October),best time to visit Selous as the wildlife gathers near waterholes and rivers due to the less vegetation, also elephants andlions are quite easy to spot as they come out of the bush.
  • Wet season (End of November to May) which makes the wildlife viewing really hard; however, this season attracts birders as there are a lot of migrating birds that can be spotted in the wet season.


  • Boat Safari
  • Walking Safari
  • Wildlife Safari
  • Birding Safari
  • Culture tourism
  • Fly-camping Safari
  • Sundowner, Bush lunch and Dinner


Offers a superb and an extremely high standard of accommodation, personal service ranged from budget, mid-range and luxury lodges located on the back of Rufiji River Inside and outside the Nyerere National Park (Selous Game Reserve).